Post-Apocalyptic Bliss: Finch Movie Review

Tom Hanks’ newest movie, Finch, made its way to Apple TV on November 5. This was the latest action/adventure film the 65 year old acting legend has done. Tom Hanks has done other films like Forrest Gump, Big, and Apollo 13, just to name a few. 

This movie is about a man who is alone with his dog and creates a robot. The robot is supposed to take care of the dog once the man is gone. They go on this adventure as a deadly storm is coming in their apocalyptic world. This thought provoking film highlights themes such as climate change, love, and more. 

The cast of this movie was very small but the acting was emotionally moving nonetheless. One of Tom Hanks’ specialties is drawing the audience in. He did a great job of personifying Jeff, the robot, in the movie, despite Jeff being a machine with seemingly no emotion.

On the technical side, certain scenes felt a little too dark. It was sometimes difficult to determine what was happening because of this dark lighting. A strong point of the movie was the pairing of the lighting and music. The music was very chilling at the right moments and this made the acting much more emotional.

There weren’t many costumes: only one person in the movie had one. Despite that, the outfits were very tailored to the theme of the movie, and the colors on these outfits blended well with the setting. The settings of the movie were beautiful, and it felt like being on an adventure with the characters.

This movie is an emotional rollercoaster ride that is fun to partake in. Hanks’ fans should watch this movie because of his amazing acting skills, and the quality of the movie overall. His costumes were light and blended well with the settings. The settings were perfect and beautiful, but the lighting could have been better. Even though there were individual lighting flaws, the lighting and the music found perfect harmony with each other. It’s everything a heartfelt movie should be, and more.