Biden’s Presidential Progress

Biden’s progress as the United States 46th president

Earlier this year, the United States swore in its 46th President, Joseph Biden, Jr: The Democrat’s king and the Republican’s worst nightmare. He brought in our first female Vice President, Kamala Harris. Biden was formerly a VP himself and is also the oldest president. Biden has been making a lot of big moves since his inauguration, so what is the verdict so far?

From the Haitian migrants to the Afghanistan pullout, many feel there have been some significant missteps. Despite those mistakes, Biden has still accomplished many good things, like abolishing Trump’s “Muslim ban,” rejoining the WHO (World Health Organization), and the stimulus packages. Biden has also relieved a lot of college debt.

Biden has worked hard to establish the things he promised to the people. He has spent a lot of time focusing on fixing things that Trump messed up, like letting migrant families separated under Trump reunite inside the U.S. or their home country.

Biden is also making sure people feel comfortable getting the vaccine. There has been some backlash about his vaccine mandates, though. A lot of Republicans are enraged by this and have said things like “We will fight them to the gates of hell,” which South Carolina Governor Henry McMaster said on Twitter. Fox News has been particularly vocal about some of Biden’s moves, publishing articles like, “China mocks ‘powerless’ Biden over climate summit ‘apology,” and “Biden’s mandate is going to make everything worse.”

The immigration issue has been a major problem in the US for the past few years. Lately, there has been a lot of news concerning migrants from Central America, Afghanistan, and Haiti. A lot of people were angered at the sight of immigration cops using whips on Haitian migrants. People have also been angered at the kids separated from their families and put in cages at the border and Biden is going to compensate the families that fell victim to this.

A big thing that angered both Democrats and Republicans was the withdrawal from the war in Afghanistan. Biden says he withdrew from the war because he had promised to end “forever wars.” But there is the question of whether this was a good decision. Biden says the war can be fought other ways and doesn’t have to be a ground war. Airstrikes are an option, but a very dangerous one. There have been over 20,000 reported civilian deaths from US airstrikes.

Biden has made several big moves since his inauguration. And it is in the eye of the beholder to decide whether those moves were beneficial or not.