Stamford Lifts Indoor Mask Mandate

On October 26, Stamford Mayor David Martin announced that the indoor mask mandate is now lifted due to the steady decline of COVID-19 cases. 

This mask mandate has been in place since August 12, 2021, due to the spike in cases. Martin, however, reminded everyone that just because the mask mandate has been lifted, it doesn’t mean that everyone should stop wearing them. He also stated that the correct safety precautions should be taken into consideration, for example, regularly washing your hands and practicing social distancing. Stamford residents who are not already vaccinated should get vaccinated immediately, especially if they are thinking of not wearing a mask. 

Martin also added that Stamford businesses are entitled to create their own mask mandates. Some businesses will lift their mask mandate, but others will likely opt to keep them in place. For example, Gofer Ice Cream lifted their mask for all customers while the mandate for employees has still not been lifted.

If COVID-19 cases begin to rise once again, Martin ensured that the mandate will be put back into place to make sure residents stay safe. 

I personally have gotten used to wearing a mask. I believe that now that I have gotten so used to it, I’ll probably wear one everywhere until all mandates are lifted indefinitely, to avoid getting used to no mask and then dealing with another mandate.