Something for Everyone: AITE Clubs for the 2021-22 School Year

AITE has a wide range of diverse clubs available for students to join. This list summarizes the different clubs offered for the 2021-2022 school year. It is encouraged for AITE students to join an extracurricular club or activity to try new experiences. So come try out something new and meet like minded individuals all while building your resume. Feel free to reach out to the club advisors or student leaders for more information or any questions (links to their emails are embedded if you click on their name).


Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA)

FBLA is a nationally recognized organization for high school students and is the largest student business organization in the world. This club prepares students to become community-minded business leaders through a variety of activities on public speaking skills, building a resume, guest speakers, etc. The club also competes in competitive events against students across the state with a chance to win a number of different scholarships. Google Classroom code: yzvv2xp

Lorrie Solonynka– 2021-2022 President 

“This year, I hope to start community projects, organize business education and career workshops, and emphasize member involvement. I’m looking forward to the competitive events the most, as they are not only incredibly educational, but rewarding for members and the club as a whole. I’m looking forward to inspiring and preparing AITE students into becoming community minded business leaders.” 

Dante Ayars– 2021-2022 Vice President

“FBLA provides you with a myriad of skills to prepare for the future.  Whether you have a heavy interest in business or not so much, there is value to be gained from this club for every student. For example, last year we went over public speaking skills, how to make a resume, coordinated an interview boot camp and so much more.”  

Ms.Zanga– Club Advisor

“I feel that FBLA provides students with the opportunity to interact with business professionals and glean a look into the business world to help identify potential college majors and careers. It gives the students an opportunity to compete in any business discipline they are interested in and it helps to build personal skills that will benefit them in so many aspects of their lives.”


Mayor’s Youth Leadership Council (MYLC) 

This social activism club aims to advocate for mental health and sexual assault.  Bi-weekly meetings are held on Google Meet and activism activities are held during school.  

Kevin Fleischer– MYLC Executive 

“The Mayor’s Youth Leadership Council is special because it addresses stigmatized topics like mental health and sexual harassment that are otherwise not addressed in school. It has taught me the power of youth voice and how to stand up for others as well as myself.”

Rocco Lucia– MYLC Executive

“MYLC is an amazing club. Over the past couple of years being in this club and now being an executive member, I have learned so much about myself and my mental health. I have also been able to educate so many other students on the importance of mental health in the community. One thing that has stuck with me since I started is that, being aware of your mental health and your feelings is a good thing instead of dismissing those thoughts and feelings.”


ESports Team

ESports is a varsity level gaming competition team against other high schools from all over the US. Students can compete from the comfort of their homes using their PC/Console. Anyone who loves video games like League of Legends, Rocket League, or SMITE can participate. There are weekly practices and games. This is a competitive team sport.

Ms.Zanga– Club Advisor

Finally AITE is on the sports map! We are now in our 3rd year and excited to have more and more players added to our roster. Students will be able to compete in games of their choice and participate in what they love to play. Students can play from home which gives us so much flexibility and we have kids involved with each other and a part of something who otherwise might not engage. Looking forward to another successful year!”

Student Coaches: John Koehler and Lance Uymatiao



Students learn and practice methods of debate as they prepare to compete in regular tournaments. This also looks really good on a resume or activity list for college with the opportunity to place in competitions. 

Jake Cieniawa– Club Co-Captain

“Debate taught me how to research and examine political and philosophical topics through a myriad of lenses and defend my beliefs and ideals in a civilized and respectful manner. The analytical skills I gained allow me to be a more active and aware citizen.”

Zoe Goldberg– Club Co-Captain

“The AITE debate team has been both educationally and socially valuable for me in a variety of ways. It taught me good public speaking skills, how to keep up with the news, critical thinking skills, confidence and allowed me to form relationships with upperclassmen. If there is an argument there is always a refutation, not to mention it looks great on a college application.”



This organization conducts a variety of fundraising and community service activities.  This is a great club to join to fulfill the school mandated community service hour requirement in order to graduate. 

Aishwarya Sivasubramanian– Club President 

“Interact is a branch of Rotary International and teaches us about the power of service above self. It has helped me throughout my high school career by teaching me leadership skills along with the importance of volunteering, something that is now ingrained into me for the rest of my life.”

Riley Singleton– Club Member

“This is my second year as a member of AITE’s Interact Club and my first year taking on a leadership position within the club. Interact teaches the value of community service and volunteering locally. This club will definitely help me in my future because I will have past experience with planning community service events and the leadership experience that I am gaining is invaluable. I believe that students should always be given opportunities for leadership and community service while in school because it is so helpful in your career and future.” 


Red Cross Club

AITE’s Red Cross Club is an extension of the local Red Cross Organization whose mission is to prevent and alleviate human suffering in the face of emergencies by mobilizing the power of volunteers and the generosity of donors. This club will give students an opportunity for training, leadership development, planning life-saving projects, and the ability to participate in mission-related activities geared towards helping the community. They will also host fundraisers, which will support various organizations in the U.S and around the world.

Clerin John– Club President 

“I founded the Red Cross Club along with the other officers with the sole purpose of educating those around us regarding safety in times of disaster, how we can help others, and also how we can help the globe through Red Cross’s mission. This club has allowed me to further my leadership skills which is helpful in running a club smoothly and makes me a better student. Furthermore, it has given me the knowledge of ways I can help myself and others in the case of disaster. I know that the knowledge I have attained through this club, such as the basics to saving a life and staying safe during a disaster, is something I will be able to utilize in the future wherever I go. These essential life skills are pertinent to our daily lives and it brings me great consolation knowing that as a club we can offer that knowledge to others.”


Medical Mentorship Club (MMC)

Students in this club will learn about various careers in the healthcare field. Students will get first hand experience and knowledge of the medical world to assess their interests. 

Lorrie Solonynka– Club Member

“As a member of MMC, I was able to shadow a pediatrician at Firefly Pediatrics for one semester and Rippowam Animal Hospital for the second semester, once a week for two hours. I was able to learn about the treatment and diagnosis of various conditions, while participating in patient-doctor interactions. It was one of the most enriching after school activities I’ve ever done. I really like how members can become their own leaders in a medical setting.”

Clerin John– Club Co-President 

“I joined MMC during my freshman year as I wanted to learn more about the medical field and the various specialties within the medical field available for me to venture into in my future. As someone who loves to learn about medicine and aspires to become a physician, this club has helped me to better understand the different sectors of medicine and advance my knowledge. Furthermore, we are a career focused club which has allowed students to shadow medical professionals and listen to guest speakers ranging from researchers to board certified physicians. This club not only has given me more purpose to my future aspirations, but has also given me the opportunity to supplement my education as a student in PLTW Biomedical Sciences. This club has definitely helped solidify my interests in becoming a doctor.”


Green Team

This club is focused on environmental activism as well as action. Join this club to participate in various activism, recycling, and fundraising projects. 

Morgana McLeod– Club Co-President 

“The environment has been under extreme and constant threat by corporations since the industrial revolution and the problem is incredibly massive, it feels insurmountable at times.  Even so, I have come to realize that environmental activism begins within your community, on an individual level. Green team, in short, has taught me to start listening and doing, instead of just theorizing.”

Nidhi Bendre– Club Co-President 

“Waking up everyday to the news of forest fires and floods causing deaths had been a weight on my heart that I couldn’t lift. Climate change has been affecting people across the world, especially striking minority neighborhoods in great volumes. While many of us want to make a difference, we feel helpless to do so due to the frustration caused by those who are in power. Green Team has allowed me and other like-minded people to overcome this helplessness by starting small and helping climate injustices in our school and our community.”


Operation Smile

This student program empowers youth globally through advocacy, education, leadership and service to help provide aid and awareness in fighting to end cleft conditions by providing children with access to safe surgery.

Gaby Caccire– Club President  

“Operation Smile is a club that I created last year. Many kids have different oral problems in which Operation Smile goes all over the world to help those families who do not have the financial means to get the surgeries. I have learned a lot with Operation Smile and it helped me with my future because it encouraged me to keep going with the career that I hope to pursue which is as an orthodontist. I value my club because not only have I learned more about science, but it also helped me to learn about real problems in third world countries.”



This is a volunteering club where students teach middle and elementary school students about basic science concepts and perform fun experiments. If you’re looking to get some volunteer hours (which is a requirement for graduation) this is a great club to join. 

Aishwarya SivasubramanianClub President 

“RSPACEE is a club where we go to the elementary and middle schools to teach them science concepts and do experiments with them after school on Tuesdays and Fridays. It has shown me the natural curiosity that younger students have (something we as high schoolers tend to forget), and it’s also given me the drive to continue to help out in the community and be a role model for those younger than I am.”


Cultural Club

The goal of AITE’s Culture Club is to foster an intercultural community where students learn about other cultures, present cultural projects, raise awareness for human rights issues, and create events to educate students on different cultures.

Club Co-President: Ainhoa Merchan



The Gender Sexuality Alliance club strives to promote awareness of LGBTQ+ issues which students face in and outside the school community, serving as a safe space to discuss these issues. This club is open to all students, not just to students with LGBTQ+ issues. It aims to promote a safe and welcoming environment in which students can learn.

Ms.Bisceglie– Club Advisor


Art Club

The Art Club provides materials, instruction and support for students seeking a creative outlet for their artistic expression. In addition to drawing and painting, students will receive instruction in photography and basic Adobe Photoshop.

Ms.Kelly– Club Advisor