Apple WWDC 2022

Apple revealed its new upcoming software update, recent changes to their technology, and new devices coming this fall at the Apple Worldwide Developers conference on June 6, 2022 at Apple Park in Cupertino, California. iOS 16 will be the latest update for the iPhone and iPad. New features include lock screen with customizable clock fonts and colors, as well as a new color backdrop feature which allows you to change the color of the phone’s background. Notifications will now show up from the bottom of the screen instead of the top of the screen as before. This allows the background to show itself without any notification distractions. 

Lock screens can now be saved to your device so you can switch them out for different ones at any time. For example, you could have a workout lock screen, sleep lock screen, and comfort lock screen. Users will now be able to unsend and edit iMessages, which is big for Apple because for many years they received backlash for not including this feature. 

Apple Car Play continues to improve as they are set to release next gen Car Play, which can take over multiple screens in a car at once, can be used as a speedometer, and can measure how much gas or charge you have in your vehicle. 

Another update to products is the introduction of the M2 chip. The M2 chip is Apple’s second generation of the M1 chip. The M2 chip comes with 20 billion transmitters which is more than the previous M1 chip, a 100gb unified memory bandwidth, 50% more than M1, and higher gpu and cpu performance. New devices that will support the M2 chip will include the new Macbook Air. This updated device has a slimmer shape than the previous models and has a new quad speaker setup. It is 25% brighter and has a larger display at 13.6 inches. The M2 Macbook Air will start at $1199 and is set to release in September 2022.

The continuity camera feature was one of the most talked about topics at WWDC as it allows your phone to be used as a webcam. People will now be able to use their phones as a webcam for remote online calls through platforms like Zoom. There is even a “desk mode” which allows the ultra wide camera to face down in front of you and provide a view of your desk.  One last reveal from the conference is that, after many years, the weather app is finally being added to the iPad. With updates like these, Apple continues to dominate the tech world, as they have consumers and creators as excited as ever for their September releases.