The Most Surprising Team of the NBA Season

The 75th NBA season has been one of the most entertaining and unpredictable seasons fans have seen in years. Many teams have disappointed fans and media by performing worse than expected. The Brooklyn Nets, Los Angeles Lakers, New York Knicks, and Los Angeles Clippers had winning seasons prior to having losing seasons this year. The New Orleans Pelicans, Minnesota Timberwolves, and Toronto Raptors had losing seasons prior to making the NBA playoffs this year. The most surprising team, however, is the Chicago Bulls.

The Bulls had a great off season, bringing in a playmaking guard Lonzo Ball from the Pelicans, as well as Alex Caruso, a defensive anchor from the Lakers, and forward Demar DeRozan who is a former All-Star from the San Antonio Spurs. The Bulls had an impressive start to the season with a 6-1 record in their first seven games and a 38-21 record before the All-Star break.

The team was making buzz throughout the season until their starting point guard Ball went down with a meniscus tear in his left knee, missing the rest of the season. Not too long after Ball went down, Caruso sustained a fractured wrist against the Milwaukee Bucks, missing several weeks. With losing their best on ball guards, the team went on a slump going 7-17 during the next 27 games. Frustrations rose in the locker room, and fans and the media doubted the Bulls would make the playoffs after the injuries. Despite the odds, they managed to make it as the sixth seed in the Eastern Conference. They did lose to the Bucks in the first round, though they forced the Bucks to five games despite everyone doubting they could win even one. 

The Chicago Bulls still need more pieces to make a championship team, but what fans and media can’t deny is their bright future and talented players that were displayed this past season.