St. Peter’s Historic March Madness Run

From one upset to another, the St. Peter’s men’s basketball team had arguably the greatest run in the March Madness tournament by a 15th seed in history.

The tournament initially consists of 64 teams who are looking to compete, but only one team can come out on top. Because of the heavy competition involved in the tournament, the St. Peter’s Peacocks were disregarded instantly and weren’t expected to make it past the first round.

One major reason as to why St. Peter’s was considered the underdog in the tournament was the fact that the schools’ basketball operating budget is less than $250,000. This is laughable compared to other schools such as Kentucky, which spends over $138 million on its basketball organization.

The Kentucky Wildcats were ranked as a 2nd seed in the tournament, and they looked to sweep St. Peter’s to advance to the next round. This wasn’t the case though, as the game went into overtime where Kentucky would fall behind in a heartbreaking 85-79 loss to the Peacocks.

Kentucky Wildcats forward Oscar Tshiebwe and head coach John Calipari sit in disbelief after their loss to St. Peter’s. Photo Credit: Michael Clubb

This caused a spark of momentum for the Peacocks as they rolled past the Murray State Racers in a comfortable victory, defeating the Racers 70-60. The game following this victory was where the Peacocks really made history.

The Purdue Boilermakers were ranked as the 3rd seed, making St. Peter’s the underdogs once again. This didn’t phase the Peacocks though. As the game progressed, both teams were neck and neck, and St. Peter’s ultimately stunned Purdue with a 67-64 victory, making them the first ever 15th seed team to make it to the final eight teams in the history of March Madness.

St. Peter’s players KC Ndefo and Jaylen Murray celebrate their victory against Purdue. Photo Credit: Patrick Smith