Mayor of Stamford Prioritizes Mental Health With Resource Page

On February 10, Stamford Mayor Caroline Simmons announced a new resource page for mental health resources that can be found here and on the City’s Department of Health section of the website. The resource page includes “a dedicated list of resources highlighting community nonprofits and organizations that help those suffering from a range of mental health and addiction issues,” according to the City of Stamford.

The resource page includes locations, phone numbers, and descriptions of services that they provide. They have services for youth and adolescents, support groups, LGBTQ+ and allies, and more. Due to COVID-19, the public’s mental health has been greatly affected and this issue is now beginning to come into the spotlight. “Too often, issues related to mental health and substance abuse are overlooked and resources are not readily accessible to those who need them,” said Mayor Simmons in the city’s news brief

The mental health resource page is a first for Stamford, but it is a good step toward providing aid and relief for mental health problems. “More than half of all Americans report that COVID-19 has had a negative impact on their mental health, and 40 percent of adults in Connecticut say they have experienced symptoms of anxiety or depression since the pandemic started,” said Simmons to the Stamford Advocate. The creation of the mental health resource was part of a recommendation from Mayor Simmons’ Public Health Transition Policy Committee and from the feedback of Stamford residents. “My administration is prioritizing expanding resources for mental health support in our community and the creation of this page on our City’s website is the first of many steps we look forward to taking to bringing awareness and tackling this issue,” said Simmons in city’s news brief. 

The effects of COVID-19 have greatly affected the majority of the public, with business owners and workers feeling economic stress and essential workers, such as medical professionals, working in constant cycles to control the virus’ spread. The resource page will help countless people seek the professional help that they may need. As for Simmons, she is taking the right steps in prioritizing the health and well-being of Stamford’s residents.