Why Cancel Culture Isn’t That Bad

Many comedians, influencers, actors, and musicians have been “victims” of cancel culture. Over the last few years, there has been an ongoing debate on whether cancel culture is necessary, or if people are just too sensitive these days. One perspective is that cancel culture is necessary because it exposes the harmful things that people say and do. Letting people get away with cruel and insensitive things without any sort of repercussion could also be seen as a major issue. Others argue that cancel culture is toxic and ruins people’s lives for no reason. But is holding people accountable for their actions wrong?

Even though cancel culture is such a widely talked about topic, what has happened to people as a result of being canceled? Most of the time when someone is canceled for something they are boycotted and lose a lot of followers and supporters. Usually following this is some sort of apology and remorse. I don’t believe cancel culture is that toxic because the repercussions are mostly minimal. The people that get canceled might lose a little bit of money or lose a few followers but most of the time after a few months everything goes back to normal and it is forgotten.

Many people are against cancel culture because they believe when someone is canceled it is mostly an overreaction and that people need to stop being overly sensitive about things. And in some ways, their claim isn’t completely wrong. A lot of the time when someone is being canceled people choose to punish instead of educating. There are a lot of instances when a person isn’t attempting to be malicious and is saying insensitive things based on pure ignorance.  

Celebrities like Ellen DeGeneres, Sia, and Travis Scott have been “victims” of cancel culture. They lost lots of money and were called out by a lot of people. Travis Scott was canceled because of the Astroworld incident. DeGeneres was canceled because of the way she treats her workers. These are some examples of celebrities who were canceled and came out with an apology for the things they had done. When prominent people in the media are held accountable it shows an example to the people and shows how to go about conflict and how to fix things within yourself. It is the wake up call some people need.