Price Surges Leave CT Families Struggling to Make Ends Meet

The Federal Government recently reported the highest inflation rates in over 40 years. This leaves many families across the country, and in southwestern Connecticut, struggling to make ends meet. Families across the state continue to struggle because of higher prices and limited income opportunities. 

“Survey data indicates that 646,000 Connecticut adults are having difficulty covering the usual household expenses….Eleven percent of parents and guardians — that’s 90,000 Connecticut parents and guardians — reported that their children aren’t eating enough because they can’t afford to pay for food,” says Emily Byrne, executive director of Connecticut Voices for Children.  

This is a systematic problem that stems from jobs that pay unlivable wages to their employees.  With a recent increase in grocery, utilities, and rent prices across the state and no change to the minimum wage value, many are struggling to survive. The price surge has recently been dominated by oil and gasoline prices, with heating oil prices up 41% since December 2020, according to the Consumer Price Index from the Bureau of Labor Statistics

The same is happening to food prices, with at-home food increasing 2.5% in price across all categories, explains the U.S Department of Agriculture

With all that said, it is not a problem of trying to lower the cost of goods and services, as that is an insurmountable challenge. The changes need to be made regarding wages across the country to distribute wealth across the population, which will stimulate the economy.