How Plants Can Help Your Mental Health

It is no secret that in today’s day and age, taking care of one’s mental health is a high priority. Adding some green in your home can reduce stress, and a study shows it can benefit your mental and emotional wellbeing too. Having plants in the home triggers your senses, especially touch and smell. Engaging with plants and having the responsibility to take care of them can help prevent depression, anxiety, and insomnia.

With all the daily stressors in the world, managing all the emotional turmoil can be difficult, so BioMed Central (BMC) conducted a study to examine the physiological and psychological benefits of interaction with indoor plants. The subjects of the study felt more relaxed when engaging in a plant-related task versus a computer related task. The data also showed that the sympathetic nervous system increased its activity during the computer related task but decreased during the plant related task. It was also discovered that the same was true with the subject’s blood pressure as it significantly decreased while engaging in a plant-related task. 

You might be wondering where to start or even what plants to get, so here is a list of 10 indoor plants that are easy to take care of:

  1. Snake plants – Impacts your mood, sleep and energy
  2. Jade plant – Cleanses the air of indoor pollutants 
  3. Pothos – Cleans the air
  4. Fern – Humidifies the air
  5. Prayer plants – Air purifiers 
  6. Aloe vera – Heals skin 
  7. Basil – Helps reduce blood pressure 
  8. Cacti – Calmness and relaxation 
  9. Peace lily – Air purifier
  10. Lavender – Stress and anxiety reliever

Personally, lavender and cacti plants are my favorite. Lavender is not only an overall calming plant, it smells great and adds a nice pop of color to your space. Cacti is a sophisticated and relaxing plant that I have gotten many compliments on, and they also can vary in color which makes them pretty, as well. 

Overall, house plants can reduce feelings of anxiety and depression. Indoor plants can make you more productive and boost your creativity and air quality inside your home. And on top of this, tending to your plants models self-care for your own body and promotes healthy habits.