Signing Day 2021: AITE Student Athletes Officially Commit

Seniors Sydney Butler, Mikael Peterson, and Alana Goldhaber after signing their official commitment letters. Photo Credit: Carrington Mattis

AITE’s second annual Signing Day was an event of celebration, fun, and happiness.

Started last year by former student Sam McCann, this year’s Signing Day acknowledged three students. Each student was allowed to bring five friends, and family members could join virtually via Google Meet.

Covered in their college’s colors and apparel, the seniors signed the paperwork officially committing them to play. Alana Goldhaber committed to the University of Connecticut for lacrosse, Mikael Peterson committed to Brown University for baseball, and Sydney Butler committed to the University of Delaware for ice hockey. 

Student Body President Aishwarya Sivasubramanian reflected on her relationship with each student during a speech in their honor.

“Knowing Sydney as a friend and as a student, she’s done so much for our school,” said Sivasubramanian. “Knowing her as an athlete, her skills in ice hockey are absolutely amazing, and I’m really proud to call her one of my friends,” continued Sivasubramanian. 

Sivasubramanian went on to congratulate Peterson. “I met Mikael when I came to AITE, and we became friends sophomore year in AP Physics,” said Sivasubramanian. “Mikael is somebody who does all his work all the time […] As he is now committing to Brown for baseball, I have to say I am incredibly proud of him,” she added.

Sivasubramanian also spoke about watching her friend Goldhaber’s lacrosse journey. “It started out freshman year, and we went through and talked about all the different teams. Seeing her commit to the University of Connecticut, which was one of her top choices, I am so beyond proud of her,” she said.

Principal Tina Rivera also highlighted the accomplishments of the athletes in her speech at the event. “All three of you are a double threat, with being a scholar and an athlete. Plus, maybe one day you’ll be Rhodes Scholars because you’re all that talented,” Rivera said.

After the signing concluded, each student expanded on their thoughts about the recruitment process.

“For me, it was a bit of a different experience, just because I had only been playing goalie [in ice hockey] since freshman year, and I started the recruitment process a little late in junior year,” Butler said. “I think that once I found the right college, it was a pretty easy process, and now I’m really happy about where I’m going to go,” Butler finished.

Peterson highlighted the difficulties with being recruited during COVID-19. “It was hard to get coaches to come out and watch me play. So, I had to send videos to them every week,” Peterson said.

Goldhaber agreed with Peterson about the challenges of being recruited during the pandemic. “For me, there were a lot of Zoom calls and a lot of videos sent out. I didn’t meet my coaches until a few months after I was recruited,” said Goldhaber. 

At the end of the event, the students talked about their future college plans.

Butler wants to meet people from different backgrounds. “I’m excited to see a lot more perspectives out there since I’m going from a 700 student school to a 20,000 student school,” Butler said.

Goldhaber and Peterson shared similar thoughts. “I’m looking forward to going somewhere new and meeting new people while being able to play for four years,” Peterson said. “I’m also looking forward to meeting new people, being in a new environment, and getting to play a sport I love,” Goldhaber said. 

After Butler, Peterson, and Goldhaber worked hard at both their academics and athletics for four years, this event was a unique opportunity to relax and celebrate.